New Obsession: Korean Dramas

Netflix suggested that I should watch the Korean Drama (Korean soap opera)  Lie to Me, and boy were they right. Sidenote: the suggestions that they are giving me are so much better these days. Anyways, I loved Lie to Me, now after googling it, it seems that there is whole world of Korean Drama that I did not know about. Lie to Me will always be number one in my heart, because: (1) it was my first Korean Drama; (2) I love Cherry Blossoms; and (3) the leads seem more grown up (they both have jobs and go to work consistently) than in several other K-dramas (that is the term for those in the know).

Anyways, I am in the middle of My lovely Sam Soon and this song  She is – Clazziquai English Lyrics.wmv – YouTube ends each episode. I love it, wanna buy it, gotta have it. It is the perfect mix of smooth jazz and light pop.

Back to Korean Dramas, I have now watched Boys Over Flowers (cute high school drama featuring a hard working girl and misunderstood rich guy) and Secret Garden (amazing stunt woman changes bodies with department store owner) I am in still in the midst of watching My lovely Sam Soon (restaurant owner falls in love with his patissier, who is what koreans consider old (30) and fat (average american woman)) and Coffee Prince (girl dresses up as boy to get a job at a coffee house, coffee house owner falls in love with girl and thinks he might be gay).  What Korean Drama should I watch next?




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  2. Becoming Bitter

    Watch Protecting the Boss! It is hilarious. The characters may not seem appealing at the first glance, but they grow on you. There is also Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Your Beautiful, Couple or Trouble, Spy Myung Wol, and etc. There are more dramas on my list I assure you. By the way do you know the history behind BOF? It is based off of a Japanese manga called Hana Yori Dango (HYD). First adaptation of HYD was the Taiwanese drama called Meteor Garden which was a hit. Next, was the Japanese drama adaptation called (suprise, suprise) HYD. HYD went for 2 seasons and ended with a movie. It was a hit as well. Then came BOF which you’ve already seen. Finally there is a Chinese version that has also been made called Meteor Shower (how original). There is even rumored to be a Filipino version to be released as well called Brat Boys Beyond. The four released versions all differ in their presentation and have plot twists that make them unique. Anyway do check out those dramas I’ve mentioned. Let me know how that went for you.

    • peevishmagnifyingglass

      So much to say. I will check out the dramas that you suggested. I have to slow my drama watching down, because my life is getting in the way. I also want to do a review of all the dramas I have watched, so I am way behind. Thus, I am temporarily sidelined to less addictive t.v. However, I just watched Hana Yori Dango and I have to say that the storyline was better than Boys over Flowers. I really liked the way the storyline highlighted the friendship between the F4. I also like the lead character, Inoue Mao, slightly more and think that Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao make a better couple. I know many people will disagree, but I will expound my analysis in a future post. Although, I like the supporting cast better in Boys Over Flowers. I tried starting Your Beautiful, but I was having a lot of trouble with the lead actor Jang Geun Suk. I will give it another shot soon though, since everyone tells me it’s great.

      • Becoming Bitter

        I’m giving you a hug for this comment. *cyber hugs peevishmagnifyingglass*. Thank you. Thank you so much! Finally someone who understands. I had watched HYD first (well the anime even before that, but whatever). I loved HYD. The storyline was better. Less angst compared to BOF. Definitely less dragging compared to BOF. The characters grow on you. Even if they don’t appeal to you, through their acting they grow on you. I agree with your opinion on the HYD couple 100%.

        Every time I try to suggest the other versions like HYD. BOF die-hard-core fans get their panties in a twist. I don’t mean anyone offense, but to me the chemistry between the actors is important. I really couldn’t stand the lead actress in BOF, but I loved her in Strongest Chil Woo (not a top recommended drama by the way).

        Once again many thanks. So far you are the only person on this planet that I’ve had some communication with that thinks this way as well.

  3. MB

    It’s funny that’s exactly how I got into kdramas..Netflix suggested lie to me..then I watched you’re beautiful and the rest is history..I’m starting to get my whole family hooked now 😉 I wish Netflix would update their selection soon with more dramas on the par as you’re beautiful and lie to me..I’m not quite interested in others as I was in the first two (BOF was addictive as well) 🙂

    • peevishmagnifyingglass

      I agree that netflix selection is limited… HULU has a lot more that can be streamed on your t.v. But, if you are watching on your computer, then try viki, dramacrazy, and dramafever.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Simi

    Searching for new K-Dramas your blog came up. I too once watched a K-Drama I got addicted, this happened to me in 2010 when I found a K-Drama on Hulu; I don’t watch TV no longer 🙂 Hyun Bin in “The World We live in” fascinated me and then I found and…….. I love the saguk, the historic Korean Dramas, try to see Queen Seodeok and the Iron Empress, very interesting from the historic perspective, the trade and the court intrigues and very epic in the making, Jumong is awesome with martial arts. The Korean Drama community is growing by the day and many great songs are implemented into these shows; one day I want to go to Korea and have the real Kimchi and ramen and what else and maybe learn some words too, have many happy K-D days !

    • peevishmagnifyingglass

      Thanks for you comment Simi. I admit that I have been sorely limited to Romantic Comedies (cannot seem to finish City Hunter). However, Queen Seodeok is definitely on my list to watch and maybe I will try The World We Live In, since I like Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo. Happy K-Drama Watching to you too!

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