What Are You Wearing if You Are an Investment Banker and You Want to Make It into Private Equity?

Brioni (fashion)

Image via Wikipedia

I am not as attuned to fashion as I could be. However, while reading some books, I came across a few brands to live by if you are an male “investment banker aspiring to go into private equity.” A few of the standbys for this upwardly mobile group are Brioni (tailored menswear), Zenga (tailored menswear), and Allen Edmonds (custom shoes). For the first time, I have felt the symptoms that many shopaholics face. After looking at their respective websites, I had a tingling sensation to buy clothes and shoes, even if they were to just hang in my closet. Several times a day, I would: (1) go in my closet, (2) ensure that the clothes were in their proper place, (3)  feel relief, and (4) feel pride that I was their lucky owner. So, if you need something to fascinate you for about 10 minutes or are in IB looking to go into PE visit their sites and step into the world of menswear (what men should wear). Please feel free to add to the list.


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