Can Playing Video Games at Work Make You More Productive?


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Several articles and studies state video games and internet surfing on the job make you more productive at work. The obvious caveat is limiting the amount of time to 10-15 minute per break. If it takes up more than an hour of your time and adds stress, never mind.

It is not surprising to see how many people are already playing online. Most people have caught a glimpse of bright colors on their co-worker’s computer that was quickly covered up with an excel spreadsheet after their co-worker became aware of an intruder’s presence. Also, to avoid reprimand, make sure that you are allowed to go to browser game websites. If games are not allowed, you may want to refer to this. Benefits include: relieving stress, improving the ability to focus, and increasing job satisfaction. If you are lucky, you may be able to convince your employer to create a game room or at least turn you training into video games.

However, for those stuck with a short break at the desk, my personal choice is Ikariam. Ikariam is massively multiplayer online (MMO) browser game, which sends you back to greek empire to build and rule your kingdom. Generally, you do a ton of clicking to build buildings and your army.  The game provides a great deal of self satisfaction through player rankings, helping your alliance rule the server, and building a functioning city. At less than 15 minutes a day, Gameforge has provided me with a whimsical alternative realm where I can escape the monotony.


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