And That’s Why You Don’t Plant Flowers Near a Fire Hydrant

Arrested Development is one of my favorite t.v. shows. My favorite line from the show was “And that’s why you always leave a note.” There is nothing scarier than a man with a hook.

Anyways, there is a fire hydrant outside my house, recently it was decorated with a wonderful flower bed. However, since the fire hydrant was over 50 years old, it had some problems. One of them was leaking to the point that it created a small pond. The size of the pond became progressively worse. When we contacted the fire department, they came out and said the hydrant needed to be replaced. Then, the public works department came to replace the hydrant.  They started digging a hole to take out the old hydrant and replace it with a new slimmer version, which left only a few flowers. The digging of the hole also led to a water main break. This lead to a huge pond near the fire hydrant, which left no flowers. That lead to the water being turned off in our neighborhood. Now, a two hour project has turned into 2 days. Currently, the fire hydrant has a trench for decoration. And that is why you don’t plant flowers near a fire hydrant.


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