Korean Drama Review: Lie to Me


Yoon Eun Hye, Image by stylegirls via Flickr

I have decided that I am going to start doing Korean drama reviews, because it is a private addiction that I can only share with a chosen few. Since I just watched Lie to Me for the second time, it would only be appropriate to do this drama first.


While many people may disagree with my rating, please excuse me it was my first drama and I truly enjoyed it. The first time I watched Lie to Me, I finished it in less than 48 hours. This was partially due to the fact that I was bedridden, but mostly because I could not stop watching.

First, I loved the music. There were American songs like “Fly Like a G6” by Far East Movement, “Baby” by Justin Bieber, and “It’s a Love Thing” by Bebe Winans. Although, the catchy Korean songs caught me by surprise, including “Lovin’ Ice Cream” by EZ Life and As One and “Walking on A Cloud” by Cho Kyu Chan.

Second, the actors were superb in this drama. I believe that Yoon Eun-Hye is one of the best Korean actresses around. She would be great in U.S. films too; her expressions say it all and she has a very likable X-factor (even though her character in Coffee Prince is getting on my nerves). Kang Ji-Hwan, in addition to being a great actor, is not what Koreans would say kkonminam (“vain young male pop idol[] with a great sense of personal style and fashion”). I like that he is not kkonminam, which many male leads are in Korean dramas. Rather, he is a mix of fun, handsome, and manliness.

Third, Lie to Me remains romantic while taking you past the initial stages of a relationship. In many Korean dramas the ending is similar to many fairytales; the man and women finally get together and the story ends. In this drama, both characters overcome hurdles with others and within themselves before deciding whether they want to move past the boyfriend-girlfriend stage of the relationship. Over and above all else, there were no dead fish kiss scenes. I assume they had good chemistry.

Fourth, all the characters had a great wardrobe. Ki-Joon’s suits were far above par. Ah-Jung had a spectacular cute at work look, thumbs up to her look at the housewarming. Despite the wardrobes of the leads, Park Ji-Yun stole the show with consistently fashionably smart business casual attire. Moreover, I am not sure if it was intentional, but Park Hoon was a convincing early 20s Korean Harry Potter.

Alas, there were some disappointments. The last episode made me want to take a star away. As much as the writers tried, they could not push me to the point of dropping a star. In addition to Ah-Jung in the last episode, I also had a problem with the lack of closure in the story lines of Yun-Joo and Sang Hee.

Finally, at points it did drag, but never enough for me to stop watching. The first episodes were hilarious, then is got stale because I read that the main writer became very ill and a different writer had to take over. By episode 8, it did pick back up. Thus, I am giving Lie to Me some leeway and giving it 4 and a half stars

Side note: Why do Korean dramas have cars with tape over their logos?

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  2. Becoming Bitter

    Sadly I did not completely watch Lie to Me. I watched some parts. Despite my own obsession of K-dramas I tend to always read the premise before watching it. This drama does belong to the category of dramas that I do watch, but the premise didn’t seem that strong enough to me. If the premise is strong, the plot won’t drag. I’ve watched God knows how many K-dramas. I learned real quick to do a “pre-analysis”. That being said…

    Your first Asian drama is your most favorite Asian drama or most liked anyway. It was the key for you to explore this world. The K-drama world. My first drama wasn’t even a K-drama! It was a Taiwanese one. I don’t discriminate in terms of language. Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, heck I’ll even watch Thailand dramas. You can rate this drama whatever you want and I’ll agree with it. It’s your first one after all.

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  7. Debbie

    Lie to Me is the second drama I watched after BOF (which I couldn’t stand but still watched) and I fell in love with it. People who watch it either love it or hate it. I think someone described it well that even though the plot could be sometimes a mess, it really felt like you were watching two people fall in love. The chemistry between KJH and YEH was off the charts and they were just so cute together. There were lots of funny scenes and I loved some of the supporting characters (some of her coworkers and her dad). I would have loved to see their wedding. Anyway, my mom got HOOKED on it after sitting down and watching it with me for 5 minutes and she knows nothing about K-dramas. We’ve watched it together about 2-3 times now, it’s so fun!

    • peevishmagnifyingglass

      No way, same for me and my mom. I was really happy with lie to me, because I thought of it more as a girl growing into her independence and looking for stability within herself (although, when it finally got there was very rushed.) The storyline in Lie to Me is a forerunner in its concept. K-dramas are usually about a man saving a girl and/or a girl waiting for the man she loves. Lie to me started off that way, but then the tables turned. Then, Ah Jung had to save herself (through her job) and the man was waiting for her. I guess, I really don’t understand why people do not seem to at least see where the drama tried to go. I also think that the long and difficult break up between Ji Hwan and his fiance was very true to life and poignant. You can’t find true love, and expect everything else to just fall into place (including past relationships). Moreover, they did not break-up because someone killed the other’s father, a bad step-mom, or because they weren’t nice people, it was because their love for each other slowly faded away. I think watching In Time With You is definitely a better execution of a storyline where the little things bring people together and break them apart, but that is TDrama. So someone please make a K-drama like this. I don’t need a deliberately evil antagonist, when this happens I just feel like the writer took the easy way out.

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