Ugh Bad Radio…. Podcast Review: Stuff You Missed in History Class

The Terracotta Army sculpture, 3rd century BC,...

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Are you tired of the radio? When did playing the same 40 hits become the new standard. Is the music industry forcing us to listen to the same 40 songs, whether it be classic rock, country, alternative, liteFM, hip-hop, or pop? Moreover, it seems like the lyrics are unimaginative, over sexualized, and not even remotely catchy.

Due to these facts, I embarked on a journey to find peace of mind while driving. I decided to listen to programs that makes me think. That led to a lot talk radio and bad political commentary. Listening to talk radio is exhausting. Therefore, I spent months searching for good podcasts and will share some of my favorites with you.

My favorite podcast, other than NPR’s Car Talk, is How Stuff Works’ Stuff You Missed in History Class. I quickly listened to several hundred podcast within 6 months. All of the podcast are available through iTunes or their site. The show is, as implied, a refresher course on topics that are covered in a high school history class. Some of my favorite topics include: How the Spanish Inquisition Worked; How the Terracotta Army Works; Who was the Real Sherlock Holmes? How Did Rasputin Really DieHow Can a Corpse be Incorruptible? and Who was Marco Polo?

Top 5 Reasons I Recommend this Podcast:

1. The Hosts: Sarah and Deblina are fun and chatty hosts that always keep me engaged. When discussing topics, they always try to remain candid and impartial. Although, my favorite host, Candace Gibson, is deeply missed (you can catch her in the earlier podcasts).

2. World History:  The podcasts cover history from all over the world. However, there is a focus on West, given the podcast’s audience.

3. Breadth of Fields:  There are podcasts covering science, religion, civil rights, social justice, wars, crime, entertainment, and sports.

4. Fun Facts: How else would would you find out about Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated dog of World War I. Sergeant Stubby found wounded soldiers, could smell and alert his unit of poisonous gas, and captured a German spy. After returning, he served as Georgetown University’s mascot.

5. Listener Mail: If you send them a poscard, they may read it in the listener mail segment of the podcast. They also respond admirably to critiques of previous podcasts.



    • peevishmagnifyingglass

      Yes, but I liked her personality more than her voice. If you want to hear some voices that are complaint worthy listen to the podcast now. I admit that I had to stop my subscription due to the voices and banter of Holly and Tracy… All good things must come to end. However, there is years worth of history podcasts, before you even get to the newest hosts.

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