The Unconscious Mind and Crickets, Beetles, and Beatles

The Beatles wave to fans after arriving at Ken...

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It is amazing how much information your brain stores, but you don’t have access to. I did not believe that I was a big Beatles fan. However, while looking through the magazines in the grocery store check out aisle, I saw that Paul McCartney was marrying again.

Right then, I discerned that I could recall all four members names, their post Beatles life stories, how they met, how they died, and my favorite songs. Apparently, the Beatles have had a large impact on my life and I was never informed. Unconscious perception was at work, subliminal messaging had already influenced my thoughts and feelings, i.e. my greater than expected knowledge of The Beatles, but also what to buy.

Magazines know their consumers’ buying behavior. By putting Paul McCartney on the cover, they introduced a stimuli that would entice a large pool of consumers. Although, I didn’t think they would almost get me too. It is one thing for my consciousness to intervene to justify a purchase, it is another thing for me to be unaware of the subliminal inputs that induce me to purchase.

Already disconcerted over the lack of communication between my conscious self and my unconsciousness, I suddenly realized that The Beatles and Beetles form a heterograph (words that are pronounced the same, but are not spelled the same). So, The Beatles must have something to do with beetles. They do. George Harrison came up with the name The Beetles as homage to Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The Crickets decided that they wanted to stray away from the trend of naming bands after birds, so they went with insects instead. The Beetles, also did some tweaking and went with The Beatles.

Sidenote: The Rolling Stones also got their name from a rock and roll pioneer, Muddy Waters. They are named after his song Rollin’ Stone.



  1. Becoming Bitter

    That’s happened to me several times as well. I walk into a store and I’ll consider buying something because I remembered something related to it. Our brain is an amazing organ. The potential it has – not even scientists have completely understood this organ. Did you know that some or most of the scientific names of beetles are based on the girlfriends of the scientists naming them? Polychisme = Poly Kiss Me

      • Becoming Bitter

        Hahaha. You have a great sense of humor. One of my professors was an entomologist. You do not want to date someone like him. I repeat do not. If I’m 10 times bitter than normal people, he is 1000 times bitter. He hated his fellow professors, hated the students, and hated grading the assignments he handed out.

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