Can you survive on $1000 a month?

dollar close UP

Image by shyb via Flickr

Spent is a game that simulates the choices a person in poverty faces. This game is not pleasant, but it is fascinating. If you didn’t think it was easy to slip into poverty or homelessness, this game may make you reconsider.

I thought that I had a grasp on the issues surrounding poverty, but Spent brought some new topics into view. In the game, I was neither a helpful child to my parents, nor a sympathetic parent to my child. The pivotal decision that led to my outcome was where I chose to live. After playing, I found myself questioning where I should live in relation to any job. In the end, I had around $350, but could not pay next month’s rent. Needless to say, I was happy the game ended there.

Spent was created by Urban Ministries of Durham and its advertising agency McKinney.

The game only takes about 10 minutes. If you took the time to play, please share your thought below.


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