Podcast Review: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

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Link to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Podcast.

On my road trips, I like to try out new albums. This time I tried out several and the only one I enjoyed was Melanie Fiona. Then, I went back to the old favorites like Maroon 5. Eventually, I got bored, so I listened to the radio. After noticing, Dev’s In the Dark, Lady Gaga’s You and I, and LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It, came on once per hour, I shifted back to podcast. Sidenote: Dev and Lady Gaga look like sisters.

If you already listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR, you should know it is also available on Podcast. The show’s format is a current events game show. On the show they invite comedians, politicians, actors, and journalists to a panel. The members of the panel compete against each other by answering questions from the past week’s headlines. Listeners also call in to compete for prizes.  If you avoid the news like me, because it can instill depression, then this is a great way to catch up (my google reader is always at 1000+). The comedians keep the show light, funny, and satirical, so if you like reading The Onion, then this is great podcast to listen to.


Top 5 Reasons to Listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Carl Kasell: One of the greatest radio voices ever. If you listened to NPR’s Morning Edition, then you are probably are familiar with him doing serious news. Here he does impressions, rhymes, makes jokes, and tell’s funny stories.

Paula Poundstone: A comedian on the show that makes comical observations about people and things in the news. Whenever, she is a guest on the show, I know that it will be a good one. She also has a great voice, I hope that Disney reaches out to her to do a character in an animated film.

Bluff the Listener: A weird news segment, where the listener has to choose the real news story from 3 bizarre headlines around the world. This past weeks was about bars in Australia installing rubber sidewalks. This measure was instituted to prevent inebriated people from hurting themselves when they fall on the ground. See the article in the Wall Street Journal here. I have only seen rubber sidewalks in  playground areas and on running trails. They’re great! (Pronounce this as if you are Tony the Tiger.)

Limericks: A segment that asks listeners to complete the limerick, by finding a word that fits in a strict rhyme scheme. In addition, to knowing how to rhyme, one must also be cognizant of world affairs to complete this task.

Guests: For one segment of the show, they invite more famous people on the show to update the world on their projects. It is akin to a funnier version of Jay Leno or David Letterman, but not as funny as Jon Stewart. Guest Highlights: Tim Pawlenty, Dick Van Dyke, and Bill Clinton.

Note: Peter Sagal’s humor is not for everyone; he can sometimes come off as a bit harsh and pompous.



  1. Becoming Bitter

    Sadly I do not listen to pod casts, but I’ll try the ones you recommend when I get the time. I don’t listen to news either it is depressing.

    Not to “toot” my own horn, but I get told what a great voice I have and how much potential I have to be on a radio show or something. Maybe one day…

    Becoming Bitter On Radio!

    Bitter love for MG, BTW how is your drama watching going?

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