Do You Want Some Blue Food?

The blue lobster is an example of a mutant.

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While eating some of my favorite chips, terra blues, I realized that part of the reason I enjoyed them was because I felt daring by eating them. A little bit of rebellion everyday keeps me balanced. But, really how rebellious was I being?

Apparently, very. Blue food is a rare occurrence in nature. It has been ingrained in our minds to avoid blue, since blue along with other dark colors warned humans of poison or spoilage. Thus, today many health experts suggest that eating blue food or eating off a blue plate can reduce or suppress a person’s appetite. I have to get a blue plate to see if this actually works. Link for more information about blue food.

For those of you who want to live on the wild side, here are some more blue foods that you can try:

See you on the blue side.

Disclaimer: In no way am I benefitting by referring to Terra Blues. But if you haven’t tried them please do!


One comment

  1. Becoming Bitter

    Okay… blue berries are about as daring as I get. My stomach wants chicken and anything that goes with chicken. I do actually try a lot of things and enjoy them, but chicken satisfies my stomach. It’s soul food.

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