MoviePass: All the Trips to the Movies You Want for $50 Per Month

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I know $50 dollars a month sounds steep, but this is a great option for 2 types of people.  First, people living in highly populated markets that charge $15 dollars or more per ticket. Second, people who are still avid moviegoers, that’s right all the movies you can watch. I was an avid moviegoer in the 90’s and early 2000’s, when there was a reason to go to the movies.

Moving on, right now MoviePass is “invitation-only Limited Private Beta for charter subscribers, who can extend invitations to friends and family.” (I am not quite sure what that means). Since, I consider readers of my blog friends, here is my invitation link for my friends. No, we are not quite family.

How it works:

  • MoviePass subscribers can print out vouchers that give you access to 36,000 screens
  • Mobile version MoviePass , i.e. for those who want tickets on the go, will be available 2012
  • Additionally, MoviePass plans to offer subscribers exclusive access to advance industry screenings, events, set visits, and prizes


I have not started using MoviePass yet and receive no monetary benefit by referring people to MoviePass. However, it is an interesting venture that could change the movie industry. Moreover, I am tired of paying exorbitant prices for tickets on top of  my $15 dollars worth of concessions. Therefore, I hope this works out.

For more information on MoviePass and other articles about MoviePass, hereis the link to their blog.



  1. Becoming Bitter

    Sounds cool, but I have my own magical ways *evil smile*.
    You know MG I see you as family – you’re apart of my WP blog family. A very special relative.

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