Almost Forgotten Late 90s Early 2000s Manufactured Musical Creations: 2gether (U + Me = Us (Calculus)), S Club 7, 3LW, and Dream

I know everyone has been wondering what is going on with 2gether. Well, not really. I just thought about them, while talking about the elusive chemistry in Korean Drama. Then it reminded me of that one song that happend to be like chemistry for me… calculus.

This song was an unexplainable hit, a spoof that worked. I remember thinking that maybe they should transition into something more credible. I mean Q.T. was actually cute, but I just found out he passed away from cancer. Mickey Parke was also a good rapper. Finally, Chad Linus looked like Lance Bass. Note: these are not their real names, but their names on the show. Nevertheless, Perez Hilton is saying that they may come back for a reunion.

Speaking of other bands that also had t.v. shows, I also miss S Club 7. There ain’t no party like an S Club Party. This is another Simon Fueller creation.

And of Course S Club’s infamous ballad. They are wearing the clothes I would be least ashamed of today.

Then there are the Cheetah Girls, formerly known as 3LW. Pay attention to the fashion.

Finally, my favorite manufactured creation Dream. Something about these lyrics crack me up. Is that pink leather, nylon, or polyester?

Oh the memories, back when I actually knew all the words to songs. Now, I just come in for the chorus.


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