Holidays’ Question: Why is Ham Pink, Whereas Pork Chops are White? (And, a note on the interrobang)

The Answer: Ham is cured, which changes its chemical make-up and extends its shelf life.  So, I guess pork is not the other white meat all the time. Here is an interesting youtube video explaining the process. Go University of Alberta!? 

Side Note: I need an Interrobang. There a lot of times I need add emphasis to a question when writing. I guess you could use italics.

The Times Square Ball designed for the new mil...

Image via Wikipedia


Image via Wikipedia. Since it is election season, should we start a campaign to make Interrobangs more popular?

Does anyone know what the HTML code is? Second, do you use interrobangs?

Happy New Year!? I am assuming you use the Gregorian Calendar.


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