Too Much Disposable Income: Roadside Assistance, Big Box Store Memberships, and Silver Polishing

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This is a new line of posts. Basically, these are clues that people with too much disposable income like to leave to inform you that:  1) they think they have so much money, they don’t care where it goes; 2) they don’t have time to pay attention to their money, because it is coming in so fast; or 3) they don’t recognize the costs, because they think their lifestyle is normal.

Let’s start off with a practical examples. These relate mostly to adults with children.

Roadside Assistance: They have triple coverage. Are you renewing your AAA service, when roadside assistance is provided by your car dealer and your auto insurance?

Big Box Store Memberships: Are you a member of Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s, because you swear you can’t get everything at one store? Really?

Products for Silver Cleaning: Do you have Tarn-X in your household, meaning you have lot’s of silver? If you just have silver plated stuff, you probably never thought about polishing it.

Note: I am not saying that having a lot of disposable income is a bad thing, but I think it’s funny when people don’t realize that they have a lot of disposable income.


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