New Hybrid “Super Shark” or “Mega Shark” Probably Won’t Kill You

Provided by Black Tip Hybrid Shark ---> Super Shark ---> Mega Shark

When the media was talking about the new shark that was discovered off the east coast of Australia, my first thought was fear. My second though was the movie Jaws. Fortunately, the hybrid shark, which is the result of interbreeding between two closely related species, the black tip and the Australian black tip, is not thought to be a danger to humans. This presumption is based on the fact that neither the black tip, nor the Austrailian black tip are considered to be a danger to humans.

Some More Cool facts:

  • Wild hybrids are a rare find
  • The hybrid shark is not the average size of the black tip or the Australian black tip, but is the size of one of the two species
  • Australian black tips are normally found in tropical waters, whereas black tips are usually found in subtropical waters.
  • These hybrid sharks are said to have entered the hybridization process due to environmental changes. Yeah Evolution!
  • Normally hybrids are sterile, but there is evidence that these sharks are not.
  • The new hybrid sharks may also be breeding with other closely related sharks and rays.

Sidenote: I am not sure if this new species has a name yet, so I am just going to stick to Super Shark or Mega Shark.

For more information, see the Telegraph.


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