Workers’ Rights, Beaches Vacations, and the Cookie Monster

Beaches just put out a new commercial for their Sesame Street Caribbean Adventure for Kids promotion. While I have always wanted to go on a Beaches all inclusive vacation, I never have. Moreover, their latest commercial has lessened my enthusiasm. At the same time, it made me abs hurt from all the laughter.

The Cookie Monster randomly pops ups in the middle of the commercial and is lying down next down to the kids. That looks incredibly awkward, but what is worse is the poor soul that has to dress up in that costume. That seems like the job from Hades; walking around in a sauna on a beautiful beach while being attacked by rambunctious kids.  Hopefully, most of the meet and greets take place indoors. Otherwise, if these employees are not being paid well, these conditions seem like they would ignite sesame street performer civil unrest.

Sidenote: I hope to find a better upload soon.



    • peevishmagnifyingglass

      Yeah, the fact that he is on the beach really bother me. The more I think about this commercial, the more I realize how is just doesn’t make any since and isn’t practical. Can you imaging cleaning that outfit with all the sand stuck to it?

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