Podcast Review: ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption (PTI)

kornheiser and wilbon

Download the PTI here.

ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption is a good summary of the past day’s sporting events. I don’t watch sports as much anymore on t.v., but do not want to be lost when it comes up as a topic of conversation. The following is a list of things I can now say at events. (You can borrow them, if you also have not watched a complete game in ages.)

  • Until this week, Tim Tebow‘s prayers were working unbelievably well. I guess they are still working well, since he has secured a job for next year.
  • The Patriots are going deep into the playoffs even though they have not beat any “good’ teams.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles are a disappointment.
  • Will Lebron James have another year of fourth quarter blues.
  • Man, the Clippers might have bragging rights in L.A.
  • Hockey concussions are a real problem.
  • Will the Packers stay awesome?
  • Will Andrew Luck live up to the hype, enough to opt out of Peyton Manning?

Thus, you are now cocktail party ready in the sports department…

5 Reasons to listen to Pardon the Interuption:

  1. Crazy Host: Tony Kornheiser‘s “I am a crazy old guy” introduction at the beginning the show. One of the latest highlights was him rapping and spitting slang that he could not decipher. For those of us who understood, he was spitting game.
  2. Bald Men Unite: Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon have a unique relationship, 5/6 love 1/6 hate. Kornheiser complains that Wilbon is always out of town or on vacation and he doesn’t want to say anything bad about anyone, since a lot of Wilbon’s friends are athletes. Wilbon attacks Kornheiser for making unfathomable predictions considering the facts and makes fun of Kornheiser’s short stint as a network NFL analyst. Note: There is a lot of NY (Tony’s Home State) and Chicago (Wilbon’s loves Bull’s Corner) coverage.
  3. Segments: 5 Good Minutes interviews athletes, coaches, and experts. They always ask poignant questions. For example, they asked Dirk Nowitzki about his response to the haters, after he won the championship. Odds Makers is a segment where Tony and Wilbon determine the likeliness of a future event. Report Card is where Tony and Wilbon give grades to specific events.  It never seems clear who wins Report Card, but Kornheiser usually declares himself to be the winner.
  4. Tony Reali: “Stat boy,” serves as the moderator, a mediator between Wilbon and Kornheiser, and the fact checker. Reali makes new slang, such as “squadoosh” and you can usually hear him in the background criticizing Wilbon and Tony. Reali is also the host of ESPN’s Around the Horn.
  5. Short and Sweet: All of this in less than 25 minutes. Maybe that is why it has been on for 10 years.

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