Need to Clear a Strait? Hire a Mine Hunting Dolphin.

Bottlenose dolphin of the NMMP on mineclearanc...

Image via Wikipedia

Bottlenose Dolphins and Sea Lions have been apart of the U.S. Navy Mammal Program since the 1960s. Dolphins and Sea Lions are ideal, based on their deep diving ability and sonar; these mammals still outpacing current technology’s ability to detect and decipher objects. Dolphins’ natural echolocation allows them identify target objects, including mines, and notify their handlers. Furthermore, sea lions and dolphins are used to protect naval bases. Sea lions and dolphins can alert their handlers when something or someone breaches the U.S. Navy waters.

Recently, the media has pushed the U.S. Naval Mammal Program back into the forefront of the news, because sea lions and bottlenose dolphins could be deployed again. Bottlenose dolphins are expected to be used in response to Iran‘s threat that they will block the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is significant, because it is an extremely crucial oil transit point.

Note: Bottlenose dolphins and sea lions are not used for attack missions.


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