I Want One: Nike FuelBand, More Than An Upgraded Pedometer

Mike Parker, CEO de @Nike, lanzando el Nike+ F...

Do you really need it? No. But, can you easily justify the purchase? Yes.

The Nike FuelBand is a bracelet that monitors your activity with a 3-axis accelerometer.  The accelerometer measures calories burned through your movements and steps taken. Also, Nike has set up a software that allows users of the bracelet to measure the amount of activity they do each day through NikeFuel points earned. The software is similar to Nike+, because it allows users to set daily goals, create challenges, show milestones, make records, share accomplishments through social networks, personalize results, and track progress.

Worries… Well there are a lot of privacy concerns, given that Nike will now have an undisclosed amount of health information about its customers. However, today most people have already given up on privacy, whether they know it or not. Furthermore, knowing all of this, I still want one.

Others do too. Nike FuelBands have been sold out everywhere for a while. Nike stores are tweeting when they get more in stock, which creates a mad rush to that particular store. I will wait for my local store to tweet.

Note: They are also out of stock online.

Note: I am not in no way related to Nike i.e. I am an unpaid fan helping Nike to increase their bottom line.


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