The Trouble with Bathrooms

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Lack of Toilet Seat Covers: We could save a lot of trees by putting toilet seat covers in bathrooms. I waste a lot of paper trying to form a do-it-yourself toilet seat cover. It seems that whenever I put the second sheet on, one piece or both falls down the drain. I am not sure if there is a mandate in California, but I greatly appreciate there being toilet seat covers everywhere. In O’Hare Airport they have these neat plastic rotating covers, but I don’t like the feel of the plastic as much.

No Paper Towels: Since the new thing is not to put paper towels in the bathroom to save on paper and to cut down on janitorial cost, then put in good hand dryers. Note: I don’t think that the lack of paper towels has anything to do with saving the earth. Thus, the Xlerator is the new standard, that dryer is strong. So good, I don’t mind initiating the cleaning process when I spill something on myself, because I know I will be dry when I walk out. The dyson is good too, but it seems that the touchless part is not really touchless, my hand always seem to hit the sides or the bottom. Also, it is harder to dry clothes.

No Trash Can or Insufficient Can: Just because you don’t offer paper towels, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer a trash can. I still have stuff to throw away.

Handles When Exiting the Bathroom: If you are going to place a handle on the door, please place it on the outside of the bathroom. I understand that people do not want to make contact with the door before using their toilet tissue, but it is really a waste of time washing one’s hands if you have to touch a handle on the way out. Also, the germaphobes can wash before and after, if needed.

Ladies Need a Space for Their Stuff: I hate sitting stuff on the floor, so if you choose to have a tank then get one with a flat top. I don’t like having to worry whether stuff will fall off. If there is no tank then make the feminine product box big enough to sit something on or put in a flip down shelf.

Department Store Bathrooms: Probably the number one reason I go into really nice department stores and get sucked into shopping is because I like to go to nice bathrooms. I prefer ones with waiting rooms, floor to ceiling stalls, tissue, and adequate counter space. Macy’s take note, because I feel like your bathrooms haven’t been update in at least  ten years.

Food: I often don’t go to places that don’t let customers use the bathrooms. I am just saying.

Handicap Stalls: There should be more handicap stalls.  Not just for handicapped people, but for people like me who think that people should be able to do their business at least one foot from their neighbor.

The First Stall: It is the cleanest. Use it, but don’t tell other people. Since I shared this with you, please remember it is now part of your duty to keep this one clean. For more information, here is an interesting article about dirty bathrooms and stall selection.

Places I Don’t Go:

  • Toilets in the wilderness without doors, because it’s where you are most vulnerable
  • Bathrooms located on the outside of gas station. Again, it just doesn’t seem safe and they are often overlooked for cleaning.
  • Taco Bell, Chipolte, or any place that serves a lot beans.
  • Bathrooms in places where they mostly serve kids.
  • Nightclubs and Bars after 1am.
  • The Pool.


  1. Musha Slater

    A restaurant that doesn’t let their costumers use the bathroom. Or is it because the don’t have a bathroom? Then the chef goes where…………. Its gross just thinking about it. Great post, by the way. Very funny and helpful. Thanks!

  2. davidhickswriting

    Totally resonate with the handles and food observation. It’s so frustrating when they refuse to let you use an unoccupied toilet!

    I just wrote a poem about the handicapped observation on my blog. Based on what you wrote, I think you’d appreciate it:

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