Yes, Wild Turkeys Can Fly! (They don’t just trot.)

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am I the only one that did not know this? Maybe it is because when I made them in arts in crafts I never was told to show them with their full wingspan. It could also be due to the fact that there are not enough flying turkey pictures. I thought that they were similar to chickens, where they could lift off the ground and glide for about 5 feet. However, after three encounters with wild turkeys on roads, I have made an about face.

Unfortunately, turkey number one was a hit and run. I was a passenger in the car that ran a turkey over on a highway with barriers on the sides. For the life of me, I could not figure out how it got on the highway and suddenly appeared in front of car. It was messy…. However, this messy event peeked my suspicion.

The second turkey I saw was also in the middle of the street, but this one flew about 10 feet from the street and perched itself on a the top of a hill by the side of the road. That was when I thought turkey’s were like chickens, gliding hear and there. I figured that this second turkey must have been a case of turkey exceptionalism, because I hadn’t seen anything like it.

Turkey number three took the cake. I was riding through the countryside and was enjoying the scenic view. While driving between a hill that had been blasted through, meaning that rock/earth aligned the road, a turkey flew over the car from one side on of the hill to the other. In my eyes,  when a bird starts flying twenty-five feet and it actually makes an arc, it’s flying.

Turkey number three was probably 20lbs based on my previous Thanksgiving shopping experiences. Seeing a bird with that big of a body fly in this day and age is a true feet of nature.  So, I just wanted to take some time to appreciate turkeys for something other than being delicious sleep aid.

The commentary for this flying turkey video is kind of hilarious, but it can also be found to be annoying. Understated Tip: You can always mute the sound.


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