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Upcoming Dramas I’m Really Excited About with Quick J-dorama Recommendations. Ahhhh!!!!


moon-geun-young-100423006 (Photo credit: stylegirls)

Let me apologize and say that for a period I had given up on Kdrama, because even my favorites were in dramas I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. This was mostly due to nonsensical writing and murky plot developments. (I have high expectations). So, I had to keep myself busy with J-doramas, because that seems to be where it is at right now IMHO. Let me take some space to recommend a few J-doramas:

  • Rich Man Poor Woman- yep that’s a pretty apt description. Let me add Oguri ShunSatomi Ishihara, and corporate battleground. Quick rating: Best
  • Hotaru No Hikari- a woman who is perfect at work and shamelessly lazy and uncouth at home has her boss move in with her. Quick rating: Good
  • Nodame Cantabile- two very talented musicians fall in love, one battles the fear of flying and the other battles the fear of success. Quick rating: Better
  • Saikou No Rikon- a neurotic husband and a happy-go-lucky wife ponder divorce, because they’re really not sure if they are in love or not. (I am dying here waiting for proper translations). Quick rating: Best

Anyways, going back to K-dramas…

Goddess of Fire Jeongi:

  • Lee Sang Yoon- awesome.
  • Moon Geun Young– love her and have not been super excited about one of her dramas in a long time.
  • Kim Bum-  I love the boys from BOF, and I think he has done really well picking projects. Still my favorite is the Still, Marry Me.
  • Lee Kwand Soo- no longer watching running man, but still love the giraffe.


  • Lee Min Ho– Mr. Charisma, hopefully this will once again showcase his charisma, acting, and coupling skills, because lately I have been battling to finish his dramas.
  •  Park Shin Hye-I have a weird affinity for PSH. To be truthful, I haven’t finished one of her dramas,  yet I think she is great and one of the best young female actresses, 18-25. I still haven’t seen Flower Boys Next Door. Disclaimer: PSH is better in movies, think Son Ye Jin. Or, another thought, maybe the movies are just better than the dramas.
  • Seriously, I am hoping for a great coupledom, but am also prepared for it ending up awkward. See Suzy and Lee Seungi in Gu Family Book.
  • However, my biggest concern is that they are going back to high school. It may be Gossip Girl High School, but STILL. Aren’t LMH and PSH past this point in their respective careers. Then again, I can never get enough of Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen, and Chuck Bass.

Rich Man Poor Woman 2:

  • Well, Part 1 was amazing! See above.

I Want One: Native Unions’s Retro Pop Phone

Lenny Kravitz using phone via Flickr by farm8

A while ago, I got into an argument with a lady who works at Wendy’s. She stated that it was dangerous to have your cell phone so close to your ears. I was using my headphones at the time. I was wondering how far away is my phone supposed to be.

I joked with a friend about an idea called “cell mate.” (Patent is very close to pending.) A “cell mate” is a long cord with a receiver  attached to cell phone that  sits in a radio flyer wagon. Envision placing your cell phone in a radio flyer wagon and dragging it. At the same time, you would use your other hand to to hold the receiver.

I was hoping that this would address the concern that the lady from Wendy’s had about radio frequencies. I was predicting that 5 ft would be enough to put her apprehension of using a cell phone with headphones to rest. Although, since I was unable to find the time to do market research, I put the idea on hold. Apparently, someone else was able to complete the study about the proper distance accepted by apprehensive cell phone consumers.

Native Union found that the retro “Pop Phone” with an approximately 3 feet cord reduces radiation absorbed by the head by 95%. In addition to reducing radiation, these phones also give you that cool 1980s feel. I discovered the design while watching Taiwanese Drama Skip Beat and ever since, I believe that the possibilities for this phones are boundless. As phones get thinner and thinner, this huge phone attachment seems like a necessary anomaly.

Every now and then, people want to use an older method of performing an action, because it makes it seem more real. Apparently, holding a big block to your head and talking is one of these actions. Some other examples include: taking the steps instead of the escalator or elevator, going inside of a gas station to pay, doing math calculations using paper, walking to another person’s desk to talk, maintaining friendships by meeting with people offline, and watching t.v. in real time.

Plus, cool people look cooler when they use it! (See Lenny Kravitz above.) Nerdy people look cute. See manager in Skip Beat.