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I Can Read Too: Who Moved My Cheese?

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I always like books that take less than two hours to read. Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson is a helpful reminder that when you are not getting what you want, do something different (change). Who knew that great lessons can be learned through a story about by 2 mice and 2 little people.

10 Things I Learned from Who Moved My Cheese:

1. Entitlement makes you resist change, while pride and arrogance makes you believe that you do not need to change.

2. The more time you spend in shock, awe, and disbelief, the longer it takes you to move on. The same goes for spending too much time searching for the root of the problem; at some point you need to move forward.

3. Fear and comfort make people complacent, but in reality you may be less safe if you do not confront and adhere to change.

4. There is a difference between productivity and activity.

5. Instead of waiting for something to happen, choose what you want to do and do it. Having control over your next step is always better than having nothing.

6. Visualize your end result, because it will help you overcome the first and hardest step when making a change.

7. Question if your fears are rational. Always ask what you would do if you were not afraid.

8.Think about your gains instead of your losses.

9. Keep your ear to the ground, so that you can predict change. Investigate new options while you are happy with you current station. If you accept the small changes, it will be easier to accept the big ones.

10. If you are so smart, then why are all the simple people where you want to be.

If you have an hour and half to spare and are in rut, there is really nothing better to do then read this book. Especially, if you are like me and enjoy spending time wallowing. It reminds me that there is always another opportunity waiting for you, even when you think all you know is over.


I Can Read Too: 10 Things I Learned from Reading Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed

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Lately, the dramas I have been watching have been a little boring. Thus, I went back to reading books. I haven’t read more than 5 books a year in a long time.  I have been forced, for so long, to do large amounts of reading at school and at work, and my eyes are tired. So what better way to get back into reading, than to read the book that has been on the top of the best sellers list forever, only to be pushed out by No Easy Day.








Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Everything is about power and control, this book is not so much about sex, but power and control. This book is about how people reassert themselves when they have been deprived of power.
  2. Sex sells, but this book still has a story. Yes, the first book is mostly about sex, but also about a girl becoming a woman and two people discovering who they are and who they want to be. The second and third books are pretty good mysteries. I am not saying these are great books, but they do keep your interest.
  3. Redemption. If you are ashamed of your own actions or if others have placed you into a position to feel shame, you can be redeemed.
  4. A lot of people have interests, which are not considered main stream. However, what is important is not whether something is mainstream, but whether it is within your limits. Know your limits.
  5. SAAB still has open dealerships.  Well, I actually didn’t learn this from the book, but it did prompt the question whether you still can go buy a SAAB.
  6. Know your worth. Do you need a man with a helicopter, a driver, bodyguards, a cook, and who doesn’t treat you like he owns you?
  7. It is easier to get things done when you have help. If I had a driver and a cook, I would be a lot more efficient and excel at my job too. Woe to the persons who have to deal with me when I haven’t eaten breakfast and have been cut off by someone on the road.
  8. Don’t mistake sexual predators as people who love you or are looking out for your best interst. (Cue To Catch a Predator)
  9. Billionaires can do almost anything they want, but escape the woes of their childhood.
  10. Following up on that Brookstone article, there really are a lot of toys out there. Thus, this book is the easiest way to be in the know without being in the store.

Thus, to people who say this book is awful, I say it was a lot better than expected and no where near awful. This was more like a beach book. For those who want to label this as a sex book, I say that the story was bigger than the sex. For those who say that the characters were unbelievable and sometimes annoying, yeah that’s true, but I could not put the book down. If you haven’t read it yet, then I would suggest you read it just to find out what is going on in the world (but not if you are a minor).