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Too Much Disposable Income: Jos. A. Bank’s Buy 1 Get 7 Free Promotion

To me it would seem like you would only need to shop at Jos. A. Bank at maximum 3 times a year to get a years worth of wardrobe. I am not sure how they get repeat customers, because if things are always on sale, why not just buy a whole bunch in one go. Macy’s doesn’t even have this many sales. Do you have to consistently replace clothes, because they don’t last that long?  Maybe they have crack in the clothing. (Note 1: there was a story about the flame retardant in furniture giving people cancer today, another reason not to sit-down. Note 2: Is the reason why we love money, because of the cocaine found in dollars?) Jos. A. Bank’s buy 1 get 3 free promotion seems to have been going on, since the recession in 2008.

I have always pondered, if I was male would I go to Jos. A Bank or Men’s Warehouse, because I identify with the cool bald guy in the chair that says “You’re gonna like the way you look.”  Jos A. Bank always has male prep school looking models. To be truthful, if I was a male and had that bald guy’s swag, it really wouldn’t matter if I wore Men’s Warehouse all the time. But, I guess that’s the point.

Anyways the debate is finally over, because the crack that JoS. A. Bank puts in their clothes, must have gotten to their marketing team with this new buy 1 get 7 free promotion.

Buy One Sport Coat, and get:

  • 2 pairs of pants;
  • 2 sweaters;
  • 2 sportshirts +
  • Android Smartphone (w/2 year contract).

I noticed that this is not online, so it is probably just in store. I am not sure if it is nationwide either. However, if you were  holding out for the buy 1 get 4 free promotion, hold out a little longer because the apocalypse of Jos. A. Bank sales may soon be coming to a store near you. Although, I am pretty sure, Jos. A Bank will try to outdo itself again.

Why can’t women have these deals!


Real Men Wear Wrangler Jeans?: The U versus the V

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Are Wrangler 5 Star Premium Jeans going to be the new status symbol for manliness? This commercial with Brett Favre says so…


They say a guy should try to get out of his confort zone every now and then.

But at Wrangler, we just don’t see it that way.

That’s why Wrangler 5 star premium denim jeans are made with a U shape construction.

They don’t cut into you like jeans with a V pattern.

So, you are always right in the zone.

Room where you need it, comfort where it counts.

Wrangler, Real comfortable jeans.

And You Thought the Snuggie Did Not Go Far Enough, Well Then Here’s Forever Lazy!

If you are looking for some new sleepwear, then the latest greatest thing in pajamas may be for you. Forever lazy pajamas are similar to onesies or footed pajamas without the feet. Otherwise, if you are just looking to laugh, press play.


  • “Forever Lazy,” I guess someone did not hire an ad agency when they were in the product naming stage.
  • “Slip it in, zip it, and get lazy.” Not the best wording.
  • “Party it up with friends!” Really should I gather my friends, so we can hang out in our onesies?
  • Starts to get real crazy at :57
  • :57 that guy is really raiding the fridge
  • :58 cramming for a test. 1st that guy is playing video games. 2nd, both of them look way too old to be college students.
  • 1:03 drawstring hoodie is the best way to keep from being chilly. So I am supposed to be taking these pajamas outside?
  • 1:05 Yes, I am supposed to take these outside and have a refreshing glass of water. This is starting to get like that cialis side by side bathtubs commercial.
  • 1:07 “Talk of the next tailgate.” Out of control. At this point I am dying of laughter and now I need to find a football game to try this out at.
  • 1:18 “On no! Gotta go?” Zippered hatches in the front and on the side. Did they miss anything? Caution, now when you do venture outside in your forever lazy, be aware that you are walking around with a bullseye on your back. Perverts should be happy.
  •  1:21 “Great escapes, when duty calls.” You are just playing with me now. I can’t take this commercial or this product seriously.
  • 1:36 $19.95, I though it was steep at first, but then it includes socks and a neck pillow. However, why wouldn’t I just get footed pajamas?
  • 1:51, love the really cool masculine hand slap at the tailgate. Yes men, you can maintain your masculinity when wearing a forever lazy at a tailgate…
  • If you happen to see the extended version, you will also get to see that you can get 2 for 1, because where would an informercial be without that offer. To embrace how excellent the deal is one person shocks you by jumping from behind another person. There is also a shot of people jumping and them taking a camera shot mid air.
  • Ugh, how I wish I was at the brainstorming meeting; let’s have adults hang out in onesies and shoot a commercial that is inspired by teletubbies.