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Heirs to Episode 1, Twitter Real Time Reaction

I’ve decided to change (surprise 😉 ) and to do a real time reaction post to Heirs, instead of reviews. I just don’t have the time right now.  I may still do a review at the end or a rating at the end. I can’t really miss out in this… let’s just call it what it is, an attempt to do BOF right. So, let’s see how this works out.

Tangent: Have you seen the previews for Marry Him If You Dare? I am sorry for going off track, I am YEH biased. This looks sooooooooo good. In the same way I am LMH, KSA, HJW, CSW, HB, and GY  biased. However, my love for LMH is waning. So, hopefully my gasp worthy love for LMH will return…


Just finished. Um wow, if anyone thought that first episode was amazing, JUST NO. I mean, Kim Tan, I hope he becomes more interesting. To be truthful, I think my highlight was Rachel vs. Young-Do as far as plot and dialogue. Otherwise, I was literally counting the minutes until something happened. However, the next episode looks better, but as of right now I could easily give this up, at least until the whole season’s over. I’m sorry Park Shin Hye. That’s really all I have to say. Oh yeah, Chan Young is cutie pie.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho (Photo credit: aBbYhaLO)